Peters Colony
Historical Society

of Dallas County, Texas
P.O. Box 110846
Carrollton, Texas 75011-0846
Organized September 21, 1971

Elm Fork Echoes - Journal Index

Back issues of the Elm Fork Echoes can be found at many public libraries including Carrollton, Plano, and Dallas.  Selected issues may be purchased from the PCHS directly. The following index can help you locate the issue containing specific articles of interest.



  • Volume 33; May 2005 - May 2006
    In Memoriam - Mary Evelyn "Eva" Biggerstaff
    A. W. Perry Stained Glass Window Dedication at the Carrollton Public Library at Josey ranch Lake
    Josey Rancho
    Betty Harris Memorial Dedicated April 16, 2004
    Essie Mae Noble
    Warner Cemetery
    James M. Kennedy, Teenage Frontiersman, Civil War Soldier, Successful Entrepreneur
    The Rattan Family in the Republic of Texas
    Dewitt Perry Middle School Dedication Ceremony
    Why the Cochran and Webb Families Camp to Peters Colony in 1843 and Some of the Events Until 1854
    Frankford Cemetery and its Confederate Veterans
    The History of Frankford Cemetery
    Diagram Showing the Location of the Buildings of Frankford, Texas
    Keenan Cemetery Survey


  • Volume 32; May 2004

    In Memoriam

    Obituaries of A. W. Perry

    Dedication of Stained Glass Window

    The Family of Jesse V. Mounts - Peters Colony Settlers

    Cox Bros. Diary Farm - Grade A Milk (1928-1947); Joseph James Cox and Isaac Howard Cox, Proprietors

    Memories of Joy Cox Giles by her brother, Howard J. Cox

    William Dodson, Mayor of Farmers Branch

    Reminiscences of Carrollton - Civic Service

    Prelude to a City: Irving, Texas

    Dallas County Commissioners

    John Armstrong Rylie and Harriet Harding Rylie

    The Two Bettys - Obituaries of Lifelong Frends, Betty Keneipp Harris & Betty Blandon Sumner

    Pioneer Cemetery - Historical Significance

    Perry Cemetery Survey


  • Volume 31; May 2003

    In Memoriam


    Was John Keenan the First Child of Record ?

    Text of Speech Delivered at Union Baptist's 140th

    Trinity ills' Company "B", 18th Texas

    Searching for Confederate Records

    Stanley Family

    A. W. Perry & Family

    Benjamin Franklin Perry

    Joseph Benjamin Gravley (Settles near Farmers Branch, Texas 1882

    Peter Sterling Smith, A Soldier's Story

    Versatility Marks Construction of Womack Brothers

    Pedigree Chart - Ancestors of Lois Housley Womack

    W. L. "Bill" Cox and Vera Vincent Cox

    Annie Heads Rainwater

    Willie Rainwater

    Reminiscences of Carrollton - Ice Houses

    Obituary of Both Isaac B. and Mary (Hughes) Webb

    Historic Cemeteries of Dallas County, Texas

    Reminiscences of Carrollton - Gravel Pits


  • Volume 30; May 2002

    Webb 2002 Invitation

    In Memoriam

    Pictures of 30th Anniversary

    Society's 30th Anniversary

    The Way We Were (Isaac B. Webb Letter)

    Isaac Blackman and Mary Hughes Webb Picture

    The Isaac B. Webb Family in North Texas

    Automobile Inspection - 1932

    Poor Family Pictures

    Poor Town

    Reminiscences of Carrollton - Darrell Myers - Grave Digging

    Glad Acres Farm

    R. B. George

    1961 Map of Carrollton

    Reminiscences of Carrollton - Darrell Myers - Retail Stores

    Affidavit Webb Chapel Cemetery Association

    Webb Chapel Cemetery Transcriptions


  • Volume 29; May 2001

    In Memoriam

    Hughes Miller Nuptials

    Esther J. Hagler McKamy

    A Cochran Family

    Union Church Minutes

    S.D. Myers Baptist History


    Carrollton Chronicle, 1913

    Riverchase School Land History

    Marsh Family Cemetery

    White Rock Church

    Americans Buried Overseas

    Confederate Burials/Cemeteries


  • Volume 28; May 2000

    History, First Baptist Church of Farmers Branch

    Carrollton Chronicle, 1941 Front Page Notes

    Ritchey Family in Denton County, Texas

    Carrollton Chronicle, Obituaries 1981-83

    Carrollton Elementary 6th Grade, 1939 Photo

    History, Cochran's Chapel Methodist Church

    Margaret Johnston's Pound Cake

    Hebron School, 1934 Photo

    Hebron School, 1938 Photo

    Naturalized Citizenship

    The Lost Gravestone

    A Seventieth Anniversary

    Dallas County Map, 1940

    Jacky Davis Cemetery [alpha list, not indexed]


  • Volume 27; May 1999

    Texas Interurban Railway

    Fannin County Early Marriages

    The Last Cattle Drive [With Photo]

    Probate Notes

    McKamy-Smith Note

    Peters Colony People of 1844

    Old Photos at City Hall

    Co. E. 18th Texas Cavalry (Cochran's List)


    Miss Ola's Class of '53

    Red River County Deed

    Obituary, John Jackson

    Jackson-Sinclair-Good House

    A Real Jitney

    Three Hebron Area Families:
    - Fred Hold
    - William Dudley
    - Thomas West

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  • Volume 26; May 1998

    In Memoriam

    Carrollton & Southeast Denton County

    Introduction To Our Geography

    Geographic Study of the Carrollton Area, 1933

    Growing Up On Josey Lane

    Farming, Grain, Harvest

    Jurors of Dallas County, 1853

    Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD Map, 1975

    Carrollton Elementary School, Morgan Class, 1940-41

    Carrollton Elementary School, Morgan Class, 1941-42

    Trinity Mill and Community

    Vacation Postcard, 1914

    Local Phone Directory, 1949

    Land Measurement

    Carrollton: Statistics for Today, 1998

    Denton County, Texas

    Fouts Family Graves Moved

    This Old House

    Confederate Pensioner of Carrollton

    Glover Family of Dallas County

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  • Volume 25; May 1997

    Presidents' Page

    In Memoriam

    Bullock Cemetery Invitation

    Methodist Campmeeting

    1920 Map of Farmers Branch

    Men With Mules

    Grapevine Park - 1937

    First Baptist Church - Coppell

    Eligible for Arms?

    Memorial Gifts

    Farmers Branch (Keenan) Cemetery

    Keenan Family & Union Baptist Church

    Historic Notes from the Chronicle

    WWII Casualties from the Chronicle

    Carrollton Women's Club photo

    Carrollton Women's Club History

    Union Baptist Church WMS

    Kirby-Hardcastle Family Sheet

    Denton Courthouses

    W. T. McKamy

    W. T. McKamy Store Record

    The Richey Family (3 Related Articles)

    How Land Was Acquired

    Richey Family of Domino, Texas

    John Larkin, Schoolmaster

    Jacob Riley Family & Cemetery

    Society 25th Anniversary Party

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  • Volume 24; May 1996

    On The Cover


    President's Message


    Honorary Member, Essie M. Noble

    Honorary Member, Lucy Hughes

    New Life Members

    Historical Marker Dedication

    Chronicle Obituaries, 1932

    Dr. Burnett's Ledger, 1919

    Stella Harrison Tate

    Carrollton High School

    Perry Family Reunion

    A. W. Perry's Letter to Daughter

    David Myers Historical Marker

    Myers Marker Text & Program

    Historic Bullock Cemetery

    First Carrollton Newspapers

    Mjaaland Microfilm Project

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  • Volume 23; May 1995

    On the Cover



    President's Message


    Tribute to Kenneth Mjaaland

    Early Carrollton Chronicle

    A Silver Wedding Anniversary

    Soap Making Hints

    C. W. Hill Obituary

    Mrs. Pleasant M. Mayes Obituary

    First Methodist - 1926

    District One Voting Places 1950

    Applause! Applause!

    Chambers-Jackson House

    Museum Gift

    Henry Noble

    Annie Heads Rainwater

    Miller-Nix Letter

    Myers-Fyke House

    John Miller Myers

    Cox Family

    Keenan Cemetery Project

    Grapevine Springs Park

    Carrollton Community Cemetery

    Two Historic Sites Map

    Simms Chapel AME Church

    End of an Era: Plaza Theater


  • Volume 22; May 1994

    President's Message

    Marie Cunningham Duncan

    Meeting, Elm Fork Association

    Chastain Accident

    Murder at Alpha

    Weather News, 1904


    Press Brick Company Stock Certificate

    Electin: All In Favor Say "Aye"

    County Scholastics, 1904

    Letter From Mexico

    Sparkman Obituary

    A. R. (Cap) Lowrey

    Carrollton Water Works Company

    McRight Obituary

    Farmers Branch (Keenan) Cemetery

    Cemetery Land Acquisition Plat

    A Carrollton Cowboy

    James Ashley Webb

    Dallas Dailey Journal Prospectus

    Society Anniversaries

    HPAC - Marker Dedications

    In Memoriam - Society Necrology

    Tribute to Pearl Gravley by her Family


  • Volume 21; May 1993

    Automobile Travel in Dallas Area

    The Motor Car in Texas

    Travel Log to Denton/Carrollton

    Obituaries: Pearl Perry Gravley & Edwin B. Lewis

    Pearl Russell Hartline

    Lenna Barnes Etier

    Co. B. 18th Texas Cavalry (CSA)

    Confederate Veterans Buried in NW Dallas County

    Albert Stanley, Confederate Soldier

    Union/Confederate Soldier Photo Collection

    A Confederate Experience

    News Note on Bryan Family

    Warner Portrait Donated to Museum

    \Benjamin F. Ball

    Eva Biggerstaff Honored

    The Renner School

    News Note on Graham-Huggins

    Bank Robbery in Carrollton

    Carrollton "Musical Notes"

    Crutchfield Men of Collin County

    Homestead Heritage - Story of a House

    Letter From Home

    Ward-Stanley Chart

    McDonald-Hoffman Chart

    Parrish Cemetery Marker Dedication

    Members 1992-1993


  • Volume 20; May 1992

    Officers/Committee Chairmen

    President's Message

    Necrology, Charter Members

    20th Anniversary Celebration

    Edwin B. Lewis 100th Birthday

    Family Sheet, John England

    Elm Fork Echoes

    Dallas Memories

    Vera Vincent Cox

    Vera Perry Lowery

    Ray Albert Larner, Sr.

    Chinns Chapel

    Letter to the Editor

    Remember When

    Additions to Library

    Jeanette Sikes Ottmar

    The Old School House

    State Fee Increases

    Railroads in Carrollton, Texas

    Huffman Corrections/Additions

    The Bramblett Woodright

    Poet of the Year

    Bethel Cemetery

    The Buzzer, Carrollton High School 1931

    Genealogical Help

    Letters From Greene Co., Illinois

    Buchanan Family

    Early History of Grapevine, Texas

    My Mama's Hand


  • Volume 19; May 1991


    Table of Contents

    President's Message

    Officers & Committees/Necrology

    Membership Roster

    Katherine Thomas Good

    Maymie Harrison Perry

    Harry Gimbel

    Happy Anniversaries

    Letters to General Telephone

    Fourth Quarterly Conference

    Charles Younger Will

    Reddick Road

    Courthouse on the Square

    Letter to a Son

    Dallas County and City Directory

    The Two Roads

    1890 Veterans' Census

    Emigration to Trinity and Red Rivers

    Baseball Hall of Fame

    Josiah Record

    Men of the Cloth

    Rebecca F. Jackson Family Sheet

    Eva Lee Cowling Family Sheet

    Daniel C. Harrison Family Sheet

    How popular is your name ?

    Furneaux Cemetery

    Downtown Strutters Ball

    Texas Panhandle

    Carden Fyke Letter


  • Volume 18; Number 2

    We do not think this volume was ever printed


  • Volume 18; Number 1; April 1990


    Officers & Committees

    New World

    Johnston Connection

    In Memoriam

    Johnston Outpost

    Bowles Land Grant

    NW Dallas County Map

    Colwell Family of Hackberry

    Mrs. Bertie Noell's First Century

    McKamy Letter

    An Early Farmstead

    Deed of Trust

    An Abstract

    Valley View Learning Center

    1939 Richardson Reunion

    1939 Carrollton Reunion

    Carrollton Post Office

    Ledbetter Farm & The Flowing Well

    Land Management

    Ledbetter Farm Diagram

    Land Terracing

    NW Dallas County Soil Map

    Levee District No. 7

    Insurance Policy

    Trinity Mills Deed

    Tax Payers Information


  • Volume 17; Number 2; December 1989


    Officers & Committees

    Membership Roster

    Georgia Myers Ogle

    Farmers Branch I.S.D.

    Farmers Branch Abolishes I.S.D.

    Curriculum Progress at C.H.S.

    Extra-Curricular Activities

    Interscholastic Athletics, 1929-1940

    In Memoriam

    Building Needs and Programs

    Administration of Three Superintendents
    - R. L. Turner
    - Newman Smith
    - Dan F. Long

    Lewisville Study Club

    Outline of Early Carrollton History


  • Volume 17; Number 1; April 1989


    In Memoriam

    President's Letter

    Officers & Committee Chairmen

    Beginning of Public School Education

    First Decade of Public Schools

    A New School Building

    School Faces Issues & Problems

    Early School Personnel

    Farers Branch School Events

    Interscholastic Athletics: 1913-1920

    Carrollton Faces Controversy

    Joe. P. Harris:1924-1928

    Early Black Education


  • Volume 16; Number 2; November 1988


    President's Letter

    Officers & Committee Chairmen

    Membership Roster

    City of Carrollton is 75

    In Memoriam

    Library 25th Birthday

    Music For the Metrocrest

    Birthday Party

    Texas Poetry Society

    Glee Club

    Piano Recitals

    Tom Thumb Wedding

    1935 Senior Class Play

    A Book of Memories

    State Fair of Texas

    A Walk Back in Time

    Recital Programs

    Close Up Program

    A.W. Perry Homestead Museum

    Post Office Returns

    100th Birthday - Mrs. Vallie Cook

    Old Downtown Association

    Business & Professional Women's Club

    C.H.S. Class of 1938

    The Scoop on A Really Sweet Couple

    Who's Who in The South ^ Southwest

    70 Years of Memories

    F. W. (Ted) Mayes Family

    Veteran Teacher from Pioneer Family

    Samuel B. "Red" Price

    Bill, Son of Christine Wallace

    Fred A. Whites 50th Wedding Anniversary


  • Volume 16; Number 1; March 1988


    President's Letter

    Officers & Committee Chairmen

    Membership Roster

    Sachse, Texas

    In Memoriam

    John W. Gunstream

    Jimmy Adair

    1902-03 Addison School

    1926 Addison Basketball

    1926 Men's Basketball

    Coppell H.S. Basketball

    Something Old in Sports

    Bethel School

    Mayes Brothers & Sports


    C.H.S. Sports Remembered

    1934 Dallas County Champs

    1934 Pep Squad

    1933-34 Football

    Homecoming Program

    Riley Dee Housewright

    Coach Roach

    1940-41 District Champs

    Carrollton H.S. Track

    1914 Addison Baseball Team

    Genealogy Workshop

    List of Genealogy Holdings


  • Volume 15; Number 2
    We do not think this volume was ever printed


  • Volume 15; Number 1; April 1987


    President's Letter

    Officers & Committee Chairmen

    On The Cover Story

    The Wagon

    Coca Cola & Carrollton

    Civil War Medicine

    Useful Tools

    An Old Crock Churn

    Johnston Family Tools

    Mayes-Wallace Family Tools

    Farm Equipment Show

    Fencing Tools

    Antique Sewing Machine


    In Memoriam

    Washing Machine & Antique Jars

    Rev. William Franklin Bowles

    The Breedloves of Addison

    1876 Hebron School

    Hebron Map

    The Lord Family

    Lord Memoirs

    Marsh Family Home

    Carrollton Poem


  • Volume 14; Number 2; November 1986

    Membership Roster

    Carrollton Sesquicentennial Replica Turn-of-the-century Barn

    Farmers Branch Train Depot Moved

    Archie Duncan Week

    Class Reunions

    People of Yesterday

    Work and Play of the Past

    Marvin & Jewel Loving

    Golden Wedding Anniversaries

    Aerial View of Carrollton - Hwy 35 & Crosby Rd ca 1959


  • Volume 14; Number 1; April 1986


    President's Letter

    Officers & Committee Chairpersons

    1860-61 Trinity Mills

    1886 School Taxes

    1889 School Funds

    1871 Teacher's Certificate

    Rev. Eli Witt

    1862 Company Muster Roll

    Bennett Family

    1881 Letter

    J. M. Myers' Obituary

    Halley's Comet in 1910

    Frank Carden Fyke Service Record

    Bernice Godfrey

    Garden Show

    1949 Scrapbook

    The School

    School Buses

    Gravel Business

    The Texas History Club

    The Dallas Gun Club

    Hackberry District

    Carrollton History

    In Memoriam

    A Modern Sherlock Holmes

    The Fox


  • Volume 13; Number 2; November 1985


    Table of Contents

    President's Letter

    Officers & Committee Chairpersons

    1985-1986 Membership Roll

    Warner Cemetery Marker

    In Memoriam

    Class Reunions - 50th

    Forty-seventh Class Reunion

    Addison Exes Twenty-fifth Reunion

    White Rock Lodge

    Three Wars

    The Luck Family

    Charles Blalack

    Fouts Family

    Byron S Good

    George W. Good

    Marion Good

    Oran Good

    Rex & F. M. Good

    Ralph James

    Jack Keneipp

    Myers Family

    Sea Stories

    Guadalcanal to Okinawa

    Perry Family

    R. B. Pierce

    Rowe Family

    Leon Russell

    Thomas Reeder

    John W. Sparkman

    R. Preston Taylor


  • Volume 13; Number 1; April 1985


    President's Letter

    Officers & Committee Chairpersons

    Isaac B. Webb Diary

    Addison, As I Remember It

    In Memoriam

    Chinn Chapel

    Cottonwood Baptist Church


    Children's Page

    Hudnall Stop

    Letot Baptist Church

    Field City Baptist Church

    First Baptist Church, Carrollton

    First Christian Church

    First United Methodist Church

    Mary Immaculate Parish

    Pilot Grove Association

    Round Grove United Church


  • Volume 12; Number 2; November 1984


    Table of Contents

    President's Letter

    PCHS Officers & Chairpersons

    1984-1985 Membership Roster

    Addison School


    Blue Bank

    Camey Switch

    Growing Up in The Country

    Memories Money Can't Buy

    In Memoriam

    Memories of Carrollton

    State Markers

    Josey Rancho

    Kids Corner

    "My Family"

    Denton County Historical Map

    Field City


    Poor Town


    Trinity Mills

    Tussie Mussie for First Lady

    Willow Springs


  • Volume 12; Number 1; April 1984


    President's Memo

    Officers and Committee Chairperson

    Carrollton Hardware

    Graduation Invitation

    G. N. Cole History

    Gilbert House

    The Surprise of My Life

    A Tribute to Connie Irby

    James A. Krise, D.O.

    Community Tree

    The Square-Site of Wedding Ceremony

    The Plaza Theater

    New Life Members

    "Red" Price's Barbershop

    Luncheon Club

    Kids Corner

    The Rainbow Building

    Vandergriff Chevrolet


    Young's Grocery

    Beck James Real Estate

    Rhoton-Weiland Funeral Home

    Shaw Florist

    Grandmother's Stories

    Elite Cafe

    The Thomas Family of Southwest Virginia, Part 2


  • Volume 11; Number 2; November 1983


    President's Letter

    Officers and Committee Chairpersons

    In Appreciation

    PCHS Membership Roster

    year of The Bible Proclamation

    Hebron Baptist Church

    Frankford Church

    Webb Chapel Methodist Church

    Ollie O. Bullcok Meditation Chapel

    Class Reunions

    Senior  Class of 1939

    Hobby Corner

    House at 1208 Clint Street

    Old Downtown Carrollton Squaure

    Kids Corner

    A Tribute to Mrs. W. P. Adair

    The John Q. Arnett Family

    Rev. E. C. Bramblitt

    Louella Good Cook

    Obediah Knight, Pioneer Family

    E. E. Ledbetter

    Edwin B. Lewis

    Uncle Nick Pearson

    Correction to Volume XI, No. 1

    A Tribute to Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Squibb

    The Thomas Family of Southwest Virginia

    In Memoriam


  • Volume 11; Number 1; April 1983


    Officers and Committee Chairpersons

    President's Letter

    Chester A. Good, Electrician

    In Memoriam

    My Aunt Sis, Littlie Thomas Kirkes

    Thoughts of the Thirties

    The Depression

    Rutha Fike Baker

    A Depression Years' School Teacher

    Depression Memories

    Depression Glass

    Tom and Vivian Field Activity Center

    Melvin Neely Recalls

    With a Song in His Heart

    A Girl Named Tom

    The Carrollton Garden Club

    The Great Depression of the 1930s

    She, Too, Remembers

    Morris T. Griffin Family

    Wilma Myers Thaxton


    Paul Warner Hardcastle

    The Great Depression


  • Volume 10; Number 2; November 1982

    Anniversary Album

    1982 Roster


  • Volume 10;  Number 1; April 1982

    President's Letter

    Officers and Committees

    An Okie, Part Indian

    Junior Class Picture of 1933 Graduates

    Our Cousin Lucille

    Lucy Yeargain Hughes

    Betty Keneipp Harris

    Inez Sparkman Good

    Oran Good Park

    Library  News

    Thomas Jefferson Harrison

    Mary Lee Keith

    In Memoriam


    William Franklin  Lunow

    Ludie Maurine McDaniel Lewis

    North Carolina to Texas

    Doris McKamy Ramsay

    William Henry Noble

    Bertie Elizabeth Good Noell

    Twenty-eight Club

    Esther Thompson Ogle

    Peggy Perry Oliver

    In the Mail

    Uncle Bill Thompson

    George Edward Thompson

    Old Books


  • Volume 9; Number 2; November 1981

    President's Letter

    Officers and Committees


    Introducing Our 1981 President

    Achievements of Ten Years

    Tribute to Founding President

    Old Drummer's Hotel at Carrollton

    A Good Beginning for Dorotha Good Russell

    In Memoriam

    Where There's a Will, There's a Way

    A Man on the Move - Lloyd Ashley Webb

    Christine Mayes Wallace

    Louise Gribble Maxfield

    Jimmie Jewel Williams Hall

    Special Events in Pictures

    Special Events in Pictures

    Busy Retired Postman, H. Ray Ogle

    Leader of Pioneer Stock, Margaret McKamy Colwell

    In the Mail

    Earl W. Johnston, Minister

    Thru the Years, Margaret Johnston

    Introducing Glenda Odom Palmer

    Remembering Growing Up, Ellouise Chastain Reed

    We are Proud to Introduce Florence R. Lavalle

    Family Environment, Ruth Hughes Taylor

    Area Leader, Virginia Beth Bramblitt Owens

    Texas Jim Cooper

    On the Farm, The Claude Lee Plumlee Family


  • Volume 9; Number 1; April 1981

    President's Letter

    Officers and Directors

    A Good Librarian Teaches Many Things

    Dallas Public Library

    From Humble Beginnings

    A Texas Tumbleweed

    \Coppell Libraries

    I remember Mama

    The Peters Colony Historical Society Library

    From Ox Wagon to Moon Buggy

    History of Farmers Branch Public Library

    In the Mail

    \Our Home Library

    Vignettes of Librarianship

    Our Treasured Collections


  • Volume 8; Number 2; November 1980

    President's Letter

    Officers and Directors


    Henry Abner Coonrod

    The Corbins of Coppell

    Thomas Keenan Family

    Lambert Frederick Fouts

    The Band Plays On

    Thomas Marion Myers

    Special Honor for Outstanding Leadership

    The Class of 1955

    The Carrollton Junior Chamber of Commerce

    The Pirkles of Peters Colony

    Time Slips Away

    Roughing It on a Bicycle

    Steve Webb


  • Volume 8; Number 1; April 1980

    Officers, Directors and Committees

    President's Letter

    We Proudly Present Mrs. Jack Maxfield

    Roots Traced to Pocahontas

    Old ilk Shed Doomed

    Emmett Godfrey Bids High

    In Memoriam

    Our Roots Are Deep in the Heart of Texas

    Peters Colony Empresario

    The Riddle Banking Company

    Harrison C. Marsh Descendants

    Roughing It on a Bicycle Jaunt

    Landmarks Perpetuate Names of Pioneers

    Research Becomes Hobby

    Simms chapel

    From The Dallas Morning News Files

    Smith Obituaries

    Webb Chapel Cemetery

    Carrollton School Class 1912-13

    Sears Catalog

    Family Tree Chart


  • Volume 7, Number 2; November 1979

    President's Letter

    Officers, Directors, Committees, Editorial

    1979 Roster

    Burnett Perry - Truly a Native Son

    Sean Michael Myers

    Centennial Celebration of the Coppell Methodist Church

    Experience with Gypsies

    4-H Clubs

    Future Farmers of America

    The Farmers Branch Depot

    The Story of Fyke Road

    Girl Scouting

    My First Recital Dress

    1929 Graduating Class

    Learning by Doing

    Hobby Corner

    The Kirklands of Coppell

    Te Neelys and the Todds of Cannon County, Tennessee

    The Sanfords of Trinity Mills

    Spring Cleaning with Black Draught Tea

    R. L. Turner, Educator and Community Servant

    Under the Lone Star

    Yesterday's Children

    Graham Family Tree


  • Volume 7; Number 1; April 1979

    President's Letter

    Officers, Directors and Committees

    Adelia Nix Good - This is Your Life

    In Memoriam

    Ancestors I would Like to Have Known

    Bell-Shaped Black Pot

    Carrollton - An Important Place for D. E. and Ruth Box

    Carrollton Revue Broadcast

    Halloween Fun

    The Harrison House

    Herb Garden Hobby

    Hog Killing

    Home Life of My Childhood

    I'm Reminded

    Names and More Names

    The McRight Family

    Quilting A Beautiful Creation

    Shooting Anvils


    The Sorghum Mill

    Carrollton School Picture

    When Football Came to Carrollton

    Churning for Butter

    Status Symbol

    Carrollton High School Diploma - Hoer A. Dennis - 1912


  • Volume 6; Number 2; November 1978

    Officers, Directors & Committees

    President's Letter

    Salute to the President

    1978 Roaster

    Barbed Wire Hobby

    I Like a Fence

    1941 Letter

    Corrections - Elm Fork Settlements

    War of 1812 Pension Claim

    Blanton Family - Carrollton Leaders

    In Memoriam

    Corralling the Class


    Mrs. Edna (Leonard D. Good)

    End of an Era - Geo. W. Thompson Family

    Tale of Huffman

    Fair View Farm

    Round Up of Memories - Charlie McKamy

    Opening of the West

    Pioneer Dallas Man - Joe Y. Field

    King Cotton

    The Saga of Big "G" Ranch

    Varied Career of Earl Skiles

    Wheels and Wagons

    Cattle Driving Trails


  • Volume 6; Number 1; April 1978

    President's Letter

    Officers and Directors

    Dr. Bennett Served Coppell Area

    Dr. Robert L. Blackburn Family Picture

    Rainbow Pharmacy

    Dr. Edgar Willis  Burnett

    Dr. E. C. Bechtol and Dr. F. N. Camp

    Cabeza de Vaca in Texas

    American Indian Medicine

    Country Doctors

    Early Doctors Remembered Some of My Early Memories of Coppell

    "Discovery", (poem by Dr. Wm. E. Bard)

    First Christian Church of Carrollton

    Carrollton High School Group

    Area Residents Recall Pioneer Dr. J. Frank

    Picture - Third Grade, 1937

    HOme Remedies


    Clement Letot

    History of Letot School

    A Bit of McKamy History

    In Memoriam

    The Medicine Show

    History of Medicine

    Dr. O. T. Mitchell

    Pioneers From Illinois

    Pioneer Doctors in Dallas County

    Table Operations

    Thelma Myers etter

    St. Paul Sanitarium

    Volunteer Firemen's Day

    Coppell School 1916

    Scottish Rite Hospital

    Parkland  Hospital


  • Volume 5; Number 2; November 1977

    President's Message

    Officers and Directors

    1977 Roster

    The Trains Came Whistling Through

    Railroad Section Crews in Carrollton

    Class Reunion

    Crow Family History


    Hobby  Corner - Doll Collection

    History in Miniature

    Aunt Nannie McCormick

    When The Katy  Came Through

    Historical Book Collection

    State Historical Markers

    Nine Hundred Years of Thweatt Bloodline Family History

    Vernon Served Carrollton Methodists in Difficult Days

    You're Special, iss Leland Watkins


  • Volume 5; Number 1; April 1977

    President's Message

    Officers and Directors

    Ahead of Her Time - Minnie Moore

    An Apple For The Teacher - Bliss Means

    Butler Letters

    Good Country Neighbors

    From The Harris Scrapbook

    School Group Picture

    Hobby Corner

    Memories of Living on Crow's Nest

    Methodism Here When The Buffalo Roamed

    Observe the Fate of the Drone

    Phillip Lindsley's "History of Greater Dallas and Vicinity"

    Jennie P. Lillard

    John Thomas Ogden

    Teacher Leaves Trail of Memories

    Faculty 1938-39


    Teaching Certificate - Miss Ella Kennedy - 1885


  • Volume 4; Number 2; November 1976

    President's Message

    Officers and Directors

    1976 Roster

    Members of Pioneer Families (John Neely Bryan Descendants)

    A Pioneer Dreams

    Carrollton School Picture

    Davis Pioneers, Community Business Leaders

    The Deep and Abiding Faith of Chas. Whitfield Dennis

    Growing Up In Carrollton Was Fun

    Old Timers - C. C. Hayley

    On Texas Poultry Farms

    History of the Hebron Baptist Church

    Fire Department Meeting Hall

    Hobby Corner

    Claude T. James

    The Maberry Clan

    Biography of Carrie R. Nix

    Parrish Family

    Patriotic Pagent



  • Volume 4; Number 1; April 1976

    President's Message

    Officers and Directors

    Cemetery Hill - Graveyard and Church

    Coppell, Texas


    Former Commissioner, Tom W. Field

    Ghosts of Steel

    A North Texas Pioneer, Joseph Benjamin Gravley

    The Naming of Hebron

    Hobby Corner

    William James

    Knights of Columbus, War Letters

    James Miller from Illinois

    My Beloved Grandmother, "Aunt Fanny" Perry

    Remembering Grandma Perry


    Seventh Grade Class and Seniors of 1934

    The Stringfellow Family

    Their Name was Dennis

    From Caxton Through Chappawamsic to Coppell

    The Jackson Family


  • Volume 3; Number 2; November 1975

    President's Message

    Officers and Directors

    Roster of Society Members

    Grand Ol' Man, Dr. Robert L. Blackburn

    Elm Fork Rages in 1908

    And The Rains Came - A Baby Too

    Their Nae Was Dennis

    The Foster Family

    Frankford Cemetery

    Pearl Perry Gravley

    From Caxton Through Chappawasic to Coppell

    John Jackson

    Genealogy of Alexander W. Perry

    Pioneer Park

    The Taliaferro Family

    The Thompsons in Trinity ills

    Working The Gravel Pits


  • Volume 3; Number 1; April 1975

    President's Message

    Officers, Directors

    What Lies Behind the Highland Baptist Church

    Ethel Nix Fisher

    Remembering By Mrs. J. E. Bud Butler

    Butler Family

    Jennings of Kentucky

    Harrison C. Marsh

    Elizabeth McKamy

    The Parrish Family

    Perry Cemetery

    A Profile of Progress - The Tarpley Family

    The Rhotons and the City With a Heart

    The  Deed

    The Bible That Stopped A Bullet


  • Volume 2; Number 2; November 1974

    President's Message

    Roster of Society Members

    Officers, Directors

    Bethel Community

    Duncan Descendants

    Early Days in Dallas County

    Uncle Jake Gravley

    McKamy Letters

    Ledbetter Family

    Family Names

    Longmire-Johnston Family


  • Volume 2; Number 1; April 1974

    President's Message

    Officers, Directors, Editorial Committee

    Golden Age Citizens

    Our Mrs. Brooks

    Belle Ward Colwell

    First Baptist Church of Coppell

    Fannie Mae (Nix) Davis

    Nix-Miller Letters

    The Quiet Good Man of the Carrollton Square

    Mrs. Rich C. Hale

    Greenberry Floyd Isom

    Nan McWhorter James

    Margaret (Maggie) Gillum Johnston

    Rosa Winder Lively Takes A Few Steps Down Memory Lane

    Tom B. Moore

    Mary Elizabeth Baxley  Myers

    My Grandy

    H. E. Padgett

    Lillie, Our Little Lady

    Minnie Belle Robertson

    The Night Strollers

    Robert P. Thompson

    Josie Edith Branhaman Webb

    Whitlock House


  • Volume 1; Number 2; November 1973

    President's Message

    Roster of Society Members

    Perry Family

    Fannidella Drive

    Fishing Story

    Remember Her - Miss Ola

    Gone But Not Forgotten

    David Myers Family

    Old Union Church

    Ford Service - Tin Lizzie

    Reflections - Trinity Mills

    The Brick Plant

    Musical Memorials


  • Volume 1; Number 1; April 1973

    President's Message

    Roster of Society Members

    The Legacy of the Land

    Peters Colony

    The Naming of Carrollton, Texas

    Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 69

    Population - Dallas, Carrollton, Farmers Branch

    Map of United States 1845

    Webb Chapel United Methodist Church

    The Honey Tree

    School Memories

    Pictures - Primary Grades, 1914, Florence Good Butler Historical Marker

    The William Larner Family

    Elisha Fyke Family

    Noah Good Family

    Thinking of You, Letters From and to Early Settlers
    - Nancy E. Welch to Mrs. A. C. Parrish
    - Ella Ressell to R. J. Stringfellow
    - John P. Jennings to Henry Jennings
    - Robert Russell to R. J. Stringfellow
    - Trinity Mills Post Office
    - J. W. Chenoweth to W. T. McKamy

    White Rock Lodge


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